What is Think Local?


Think Local Biz to Biz emphasis is on building effective business networks and sharing specialist knowledge to enable small businesses to thrive and survive.

For TL! – 2017 is the year of building out our partnership network with organizations with common goals.

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Major Activities

Weekly Meetings:

  • Local Meetups currently thriving across Maine and New Hampshire for relationship building
  • Focus is on relationship building.
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Monthly  Events:

Business Mixers for networking, developing referrals and spotlighting a local non profit organization. Presentation forum for interested businesses. Held at featured business location and sponsored by local vendors.

Special Events:

With partners and other special initiatives to grow the network, develop relationships and build the organization

Social Media:

Active use of Social Media including  Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to share know how, and coordinate activities for a growing and geographically diverse group.

Organization Structure:

Owned and operated by Think Local USA, LLC

  • CEO:25+ years local non profit leadership


Advisory Council

-20 appointed members meeting monthly
-Chapter Presidents and invited business specialists
-Building the group effectiveness and growing participation

Our Membership includes:
-Sales and Marketing specialists
-Insurances and Financial Planning
-Beauty, Health and Wellness
-IT Services
-Real Estate
-Legal services
-Diverse Retail businesses
-Artists and authors
-Entrepreneurs with novel Start Ups
………and many, more

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